February 11th, 2015

Supporting Vistaprint’s New Visual Identity

Author: Fernando Martell

Vistaprint recently released a brand new visual identity. While externally, the brand change appeared to have happened very quickly, internally, it was completely the opposite. We started the project planning more than a year before the actual brand change reached our customer. We spent months working with the content and the brand teams to create new pages for and building the technology to support them.

It was a big project – something that everyone knew could go wrong if we weren’t careful – so we developed technology to test these changes in our internal environments for two months before the change actually happened.

What really surprised me about this rebrand was the determination of the team to get it right. A group of our developers went the extra mile and created user scripts that would highlight any text that was not conforming to the requirements of the new visual identity, finding things like wrong text size or font. This had a huge impact in ensuring that even the smallest details were addressed and it also helped our quality engineers to focus their time on testing the bigger changes.

I’m a Sr. Software Engineer in Ecommerce Technology and our team is responsible for the product and site merchandising, so we had a huge role in this project. My responsibility was to create the new “About Us” page as well as integrating the new ratings and reviews system across the site.

In this generation heavily influenced by social media, people are always looking to online reviews to learn more about a product or a company. By adding ratings and reviews to our site, we are encouraging our customers to talk about our products and share their experiences with us.


After the first month, we had collected more than 6,000 reviews globally and we are now using this feedback to improve our product catalog and enhance our customer’s experience of the site.

What I liked the most about this project was the variety of the type of work I was doing. I had the opportunity to work with user interface libraries and similar front end code as well as being heavily involved in the design of back end applications.

Vistaprint is a great place to work if you like working with a broad range of technologies. People are always challenging you to be creative to find new solutions or technologies for solving a problem.

Fernando Martell is a Sr. Software Engineer in the Ecommerce Technology team.  Back in 2011, he took an internship position at Vistaprint which sparked his passion for web development and clean software architecture and design. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in 2012 with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Management Information System. After college, he joined Vistaprint full time and has been working with his team to deliver high quality software ever since.

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