August 17th, 2015

Employee Referrals: Starting Someone’s Life in Vistaprint

Author: Robert Lopez

The best way to start your Life in Vistaprint is through an employee’s referral. Almost half of the hires we make come from our own networks and we rely heavily on that because it’s loaded with top talent. Click here to see who you know at Vistaprint.

To make it easier than ever for our own employees to search their networks and find the next great hire, and to give them all the motivation they need, from time to time we give away some pretty awesome things. Last week, we raffled off one of our most precious benefits – 4 weeks of consecutive paid time off called The Break. And in 2014 we raffled off an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii.

This time around we held an employee referral learn-at-lunch during which we taught folks how to search their LinkedIn networks, share jobs, and become recruiters. For participating, each person was entered into a raffle for an iPad Air 2 or $700 Apple Gift Card.

Nearly 200 people joined in and we’re looking forward to meeting that next great hire.

Congratulations to Patricia Yoshida and Nicola Latona who took home the big prizes!

Vistaprint_Employee_Referral  Vistaprint_Employee_Referral_2


Robert Lopez is a Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at Vistaprint. He blogs about recruiting and more at Just One Recruiter’s Opinion.

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