August 6th, 2015

4 Weeks Off for One Employee Referral

Author: Vistaprint


We hire top talent and our employees are the lifeblood of our organization. Because top talent knows top talent, we invest in creative ways to give our employees the tools they need to reach out to their networks and help us attract top talent.

Six months ago we launched a campaign – called Take a <Br/> – geared at filling some of our toughest positions. All employees who successfully referred a candidate would become eligible to win one of our most prized benefits – 4 consecutive weeks of paid time off called The Break. This is a benefit that employees get awarded after 5 years with the company. In this campaign, the winner would be immediately eligible regardless of how long they’ve been here. Imagine what you’d do with a month off?

Since we launched, we’ve seen a dramatic and sustained rise in the volume and quality of referrals, and ultimately we made more hires in the last 12 months from a referral than we ever have before. Nearly 50% of our hires came from an employee reaching out to their network and introducing us to talent!

Today, we awarded one of those employees with something money can’t buy…time.




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