December 8th, 2014


Author: Mike Adamson

Vistaprint College Recruiting

Thousands of miles, thousands of handshakes, thousands of conversations. These are the ingredients that make a successful college recruiting season.

We recently wrapped up our fall college recruiting tour where we met and hired our next wave of talented graduates. In order to meet and hire the best college talent this season we sent recruiters, engineers, analysts, and marketers, from all different levels within the company, out to meet, greet, and inform.

There are many different channels students leverage to find their first jobs. Career fairs, info sessions, employer panels, mock interviews, resume critiques, classroom conversations, dinners, networking nights, and career service events are just a small sampling of the potential channels a student can use. We build our employer branding and recruiting plans for the season keeping all these opportunities in mind and this year included over 50 events.

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Here are a few of the channels that are important to us:

Career Fairs are a must, they can sometimes feel like a marathon, but they are a must. We’ll meet 100 to 200+ students at a career fair and that quantity and visibility is difficult to replicate. In this setting, we only have the chance to speak with a student for 3-4 minutes apiece, however, so it’s a quick connection.

We also host Information Sessions, or TechTalks, with specific student groups that are interested in a particular area of the company. In an event like this we may not meet as many students, but the content and length of the conversations gives a more in-depth look into Vistaprint and specific areas of interest.

Resume critiquing and mock interviews are more of a one-on-one conversation with students who are just starting to navigate the job search maze. They are a great way to help individual students, and if one or two of those students is a match for Vistaprint, and hired down the road, that is just icing on the cake.

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These events are all important, but they are also just the building blocks for our interview processes. Each interview process differs depending on the role(s) we are recruiting for, but the end goal is to challenge and educate each potential candidate. Take our Software Engineering Final Round Interview Day, for example:

After interviewing on our target campuses we extended invites out to several students to join us in our Lexington office. We hosted and interviewed 35 students; half interviewed in the morning and half interviewed in the afternoon. When candidates weren’t interviewing they were hearing about Vistaprint and able to ask questions to recent hires, technology leads, managers, directors, Senior Vice Presidents, and even the CEO, Robert Keane. We fit 105-hours of interviews and 105-hours of information into an 8-hour day. It sounds like a long day, and it is, but it also offers the chance for each student to really experience what working at Vistaprint is like.

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While only one part of the overall college recruiting season, our interview program mirrors our college recruiting program: It is a collaborative effort that stretches across functionality and seniority. Everybody has a chance to contribute to the end goal by finding, educating, challenging, and hiring the next wave of talented, upcoming graduates that will make impactful contributions here at Vistaprint.

After two-and-a-half months, we’ve come to the end of a successful season. Winter is generally an opportunity to reflect on learnings from the last season, build our upcoming plans, and breathe. However, But spring is just around the corner and we’re looking forward to being on campus in order to meet and hire more talented, upcoming graduates!

For more information on our Campus Recruiting Program or upcoming Internship program please visit:


Mike Adamson is a Campus Recruiter in Vistaprint’s Lexington office. He has worked within college recruitment for over 4 years in multiple talent areas recruiting, marketing employee brands, and program development. In his spare time Mike keeps himself busy playing sports, watching movies, and enjoying the mountains or beaches of New England.  Follow him @Adam_Mikeson.

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