November 17th, 2014

Audacious, Passionate, Proud to Be Part of Cimpress.

Author: Amy VanHaren

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Today, our parent company announced that it is changing its name from Vistaprint N. V. to Cimpress N.V.

Changing the corporate name to Cimpress clarifies the distinction between, on one hand, the corporate entity and its technology and operational mass customization platform and, on the other, the company’s growing portfolio of customer-facing brands. This includes Vistaprint and others such as Drukwerkdeal, Albelli and Pixartprinting. While the parent company name changes, our brands will not: we will continue to serve customers as we always have.

With over 20 years of innovation behind us, and so much more ahead, Cimpress is leading the way in mass customization of small quantities on a global scale. We’re building a cutting-edge, shared mass customization platform (MCP) that allow us to offer products that can be personalized by an individual customer and manufactured on demand: easily, with great quality, and at affordable prices. We’re also customizing the way technology and manufacturing work together.

We’re proud to be a part of the amazing portfolio of brands helping customers make an impression around the world, and the renaming of our parent company doesn’t affect customers or how they interact with us. Instead, it better reflects who we are as an entire organization and the strategy we are executing.

It also provides new opportunities for customers and employees alike. In being connected to the new corporate identity and to the shared mass customization platform Cimpress is bringing to life, customers will find they have access to a broader portfolio of products and a greater range of selection than ever before. People will have more opportunities to bring their talents to the company. And that’s really exciting for Vistaprint.

We’ve got audacious goals and we’re passionate about reaching them. We’re excited about the introduction of Cimpress because this marks a significant milestone in our company’s long-standing history of transforming the market and it will allow us to be the world leader in mass customization and to empower even more millions of people across the world to make an impression through personally meaningful, customized products.

Twenty years ago, Cimpress was a one-person company that launched from the spare bedroom in a small apartment in Paris. Today, Cimpress is not only Vistaprint’s parent company, but also a global company with 1.3 billion dollars in revenue and team members and operations in more than 16 countries serving more than 16 million customers a year.

See what Cimpress is really all about and why we’re all excited about the future. Hear more from Robert Keane, Cimpress President and CEO and other Cimpress leaders:

Introducing Cimpress from Cimpress NV on Vimeo.

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Amy VanHaren is a Employer Brand Specialist based out of the Lexington, Massachusetts office. She is passionate about social media, brand marketing and sharing stories about #LifeinVistaprint. She likes to run along the coast in Maine where she lives and is always on the lookout for an amazing guacamole recipe.


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