October 6th, 2014

How to Ace Your Vista-Interview

Author: Rob Lopez


The job interview is the single most powerful tool used to assess the potential fit between a candidate and a company. Sure, your resume tells part of a story, but just like the job description, its generally a high level overview of far more interesting behind-the-scenes details. Would you accept a job based on the job description? No? That’s why we want to hear your story too, and we’ve designed our interview process to help you do that.

At Vistaprint, we assess various competencies that are required to be successful in the position while also providing you with tons of insight into what life in Vistaprint – and your job – will be like. And believe it or not, we want you to do well! So here are some tips for acing your Vista-Interview.

Get to Know Us – We are super excited to get to you know you, and we hope you are just as pumped to get to know us. Spend some time on our site exploring all that we make, read through our financial statements to see what’s happening within the business, or for a glimpse behind the scenes. This way you’re ready to go with questions for us about those things that are important to you or that you find interesting. Do you know anyone who works here? Reach out to them and pick their brain; that can help too. And lastly, check us out on LinkedIn. You’ll do better when you have a sense for who you’re meeting with and what they do.

Be Prepared – Rather than having four people ask you the same 4 questions over and over, our onsite interview process is designed to assess different competencies that are important to have in order to be successful in the role. Although you won’t know beforehand all that you’re going to be asked, preparing to discuss your experience in detail is the best way to be ready to go. Do you have a specific project that you lead that was very successful? Did you drive strong results during a marketing campaign? We want to hear all about it! Just be prepared to discuss the situation, the actions you took, and the results and we’ll be impressed.

Bring It – We’re really passionate about what’s going on here, and we look for people who are just enthusiastic about what they’ve done and how that can make an impact here. You don’t have to do cartwheels in your interview – just be yourself – but enthusiasm is infectious and makes for a great atmosphere. You may not have every last skill required for the role, but sometimes your passion can make up for that.

Be You – We’re constantly asked what type of candidate would make for a good cultural fit, and the best answer we can give is that we hire folks who can collaborate, deliver results, and have an impact. Beyond that, every new hire adds to the culture of Vistaprint. So be you! Show us who you are and we’ll do the same. After all, if you’re going to spend the better part of your week at work, it might as well be with people who enjoy working together. The best way for you to assess that – and vice versa – is if you be you.

That’s it. Just get to know us, be prepared, bring your energy, and be you. We’re looking forward to you acing your Vista-Interview!

Rob Lopez tripped and fell into recruiting and is now a Talent Acquisition leader at Vistaprint. With a decade+ of corporate and agency experience, Rob is passionate about building an innovative recruitment program and high achieving team while finding talent and matching it with opportunity. He is also a diehard Maryland Terrapins fan, for better or for worse (usually worse).

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