September 14th, 2015

What makes you shine?

Author: Lara Martinez Gonzalez

That question started a very special networking event in Barcelona organized by Fundación Exit, a non-profit organization focused on fostering employment opportunities of young people at risk of social exclusion.


Fundacion Exit Event

During the event, through different icebreakers and exercises, professionals from leader companies and young people looking for a job opportunity got to know each other. We learned the importance of creating your personal brand and setting your personal objectives thanks to two questions:

• What makes you shine?
• What is your dream?

The inspiring event showed how putting both of these things together — your special abilities and your dreams — allows you to achieve your objectives.

Learn more about Fundacion Exit in this inspiring video:

Spain currently has a youth unemployment rate of 53.5%, the highest rate in Europe which is especially dramatic if we consider that in 2007 it was only 17.9%. With this in mind, Cimpress, the parent company of Vistaprint, has been collaborating with this association over the last two years in different speed-interviewing events, supporting them with branded material and participating in their events. During the upcoming months, we will be rolling out different initiatives in the Barcelona office to support this association even further and help more and more young people to join the labor market.

Do not miss the opportunity to make a difference and join us today!


Lara Martinez Gonzalez holds a BSc in Psychology, a BSc in Industrial relations and an International MSc in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology. She is currently the Lead of our Global HR Project Management Office working form the Barcelona office. As HR professional and researcher, Lara has experience in Project Management, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Recruitment, Organizational Development and Change Management. In her spare time, Lara loves reading and traveling and her favorite quote is: “Change is the only constant”.

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