August 3rd, 2015

Vistaprint is on the Move!

Author: Trynka Shineman

Vistaprint is on the move.jpg

As President of Vistaprint – a Cimpress company – I’m excited for our upcoming move to 275 Wyman Street in Waltham. Why? People come to Vistaprint to be part of a fast-paced culture and create a meaningful impact, and the work we do touches millions of customers all around the world. The new facility gives us an incredible opportunity to enhance our environment to look, feel, and reflect all that it means to be living Life in Vistaprint so we are inspired to make an impact and build an enduring organization.

Long known as a great place to work, the space in our new office is designed to have a brighter, more innovation-inspiring atmosphere. As you walk the floors, the openness of the environment will further encourage deep collaboration while also building on our strong sense of community. Other highlights include impromptu meeting spaces such as a library, a large cafeteria, fully stocked kitchenettes, massive game room, fitness center, and an outdoor plaza to enjoy the new view.

The bottom line? We don’t just come here to work, we come to experience life in Vistaprint. And I can’t wait to get started in Waltham!

Trynka Shineman is Executive Vice President at Cimpress and President of Vistaprint.

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