May 12th, 2015

Teamwork on the Football Field by Vistaprint Berlin Employees

Author: Bart Niël


On April 30th, Vistaprint Berlin employees played in our last game of the very first season in an official Berlin football league. Over the past couple of months we have learned a lot, improved our game and cooperation massively and most importantly—had loads of fun!

We scored a total of 133 goals in 18 matches 38 of which can be attributed to our top-scorer Rudi Tervoort. We thought this had to be rewarded with a trophy and presented in to him, in proper German fashion, the “Torjägerkanone” after the final match. He wasn’t the only one to be surprised with a trophy, another one went out to this season’s Most Valuable Player; Thomas Tiel. This award was nominated by the other teammates. After every game we would all put a name down on a piece of paper to vote for our ‘Man of the Match’ and Thomas’ name came out of the hat 4 times, officially crowning him our MVP by his peers.

One match that deserves special attention is the first one (of three) in the play-offs. After a very rough series of losses we ended last on the table and, according to the league’s set-up, had to face the league’s number one team in the first round of the play-offs where when you lose, you are out.

We had played our last regular match the week before against these same lads, and needless to say, we got hammered. Bear in mind, this team was undefeated all season.

Hungry for revenge, we entered the pitch to find a team that was somewhat complacent and overconfident after their last win over us. They were expecting to get the first round handed to them on a silver plate as a gift from Vistaprint.

We sent them home…

After a thriller of a game, where we never more than one goal apart, we saw a 9-9 score on the board and in the final seconds of the match the only thing we needed was a beautiful pass and a well-aimed shot from our side to end the night in celebrations! In this game, all of our players were on the score-list. Just to show what a cooperative effort this has been.

This month we start the first game of the new season, game on!

football league berlin 1


football league berlin 3

Bart Niël was born in the Netherlands and studied both graphic design and creative advertising. Bart started as a CARE Specialist for the Dutch and Belgium market in November 2012 before joining the Berlin Training Department (now Global CARE Training & Design) in August 2013. He still wears a big smile when going to work every day and is very grateful for his colleagues at Vistaprint in Berlin.

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