April 30th, 2015

Montego Bay’s Kids Day Out 2015

Author: Reneece Saunders

kids day out 2015 4

Twinkling eyes, wide grins and excitement were what the team members of Vistaprint’s Montego Bay, Jamaica office stumbled upon when they arrived at work in the morning. Employee’s kids were flooding into the engagement center. It was the annual Kids Day Out, a day that will never be forgotten by employees or their kids. For the second year in a row, the team members of Vistaprint were able to take their kids’ (ages 3-12) to work. This year proved to be even bigger and better than the last. To start off the day, kids’ got a tour of the office building, allowing them to see some of the perks their parents enjoy every day at the office.

kids days out 2015 2

After their tour of the building, the anxious children were released to the transformed football field outside the office. Activities for kids to chose from included: a carousel, a Ferris wheel, 3 bounce-a-bouts, a game tent, trikes, face painting and one of the funniest clowns. Thought that was all? Then think again! The Engagement Team brought not one, but three, elements of surprise: a colossal water slide, a huge pool and a zoo which housed a spider monkey, ‘Rex’ the talking parrot, a snake, iguana and a baby crocodile. By participating in activities, kids were able to win a wide variety of prizes, all while feasting on burgers, hot dogs, chicken and chips, nuggets, wedges, snow cones, popcorn, juice and good ole water.

kids day out 2015 1

kids day out 2015 3

After the event ended, the Engagement Team could only beam at the success of the day and the look of satisfaction on both the parents and the children’s faces. With an array of fun and games, no one left the office disappointed.

Reneece has been with the Vistaprint team for 6 years. She is an original member of the Super High Value Team in Montego Bay but has recently transitioned to the Engagement Team as an intern.  She is also an executive member and raving reporter for the Vlife committee. She is the mother of a seven year old boy, who she say is God’s greatest gift to me. She enjoys writing, reading, karaoke, watching horror films and goofing around with her son. I am grateful for being a part of the Vistaprint family and truly look forward for years to come.

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