April 18th, 2017

Getting Prepared for Summer

Author: Sina Olsen

Here at Vistaprint, we don’t mind getting our hands dirty!

At our Vistaprint Berlin office, we have an annual bike check, on site. Every year, our employees bring their bikes to work, and have them fixed and made ready for the summer. This is done by our co-workers and our site manager, who helps make this possible.

The annual bike check is arranged by our Engagement team, whose focus is to keep employees happy and satisfied. It’s very important for us, that our employees thrive here at Vistaprint.

The bike check is just one out of many fringe benefits, that we offer to keep ourselves fit and happy. All employees have access to free fruit twice a week, as well as free yoga courses, affordable massage and free monthly BVG ticket.

Let´s bike to Vistaprint and do something good for the climate!Bike check_pic2

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