September 27th, 2016

Diaper Drive!

Author: Vistaprint

Our Waltham office has come together recently to hold a Diaper Drive, with the aim to collect as many unused disposable diapers  for local low income families, to be distributed by the Diaper Depot in Waltham.

The Diaper Depot has been serving Waltham families since 2009, and been growing ever since to meet ongoing demand.  The Diaper Depot operates out of the back of a local church in Waltham, and is open to local residents on public assistance programs.

Anyone with kids will tell you how expensive diapers can be. Public assistance programs (like WIC or food stamps) don’t help low income families buy diapers; Families that are already struggling with food and housing insecurity.

Many of the Diaper Depot patrons do not have the transportation to shop around/buy in bulk to get the best deal on diapers (with retailers like Amazon or Costco) and are paying approx. 35c PER diaper from their local grocery store or pharmacy, which averages about $84 a month on JUST diapers.

Without diapers, babies cannot participate in important early childhood education programs.  It’s a documented fact that children who participate in early education are almost 3x more likely to on to higher education.

Without diapers, children cannot go to daycare.  Without daycare, parents cannot go to work.

But “diaper need” impacts not just economics, but the physical and mental well-being of children and parents.  Parents who lack diapers may change diapers less often or reuse disposable diapers, putting their children at risk for preventable medical problems. This generates unnecessary medical costs, pulling parents away from work for doctor visits, putting another layer of complexity onto an already stressful situation at home.

The Drive was a great success and between 22nd August and 9th September, we collected 6,724 items which was a new record and the biggest single diaper donation the The Diaper Depot have ever received.

We look forward to supporting the Diaper Depot again in the future, thank you to all who contributed!img_3372



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